Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Well Quiddage,where do I start? There have been so many fun memories from Quiddage.

I like quiddage because it teaches you to learn how to spend your money wisely.

Plus all of the great food and activity stores are also so great.

Here is a great food store; L@ Soupers. The L@ Soupers sell soup and bread. But of course I don't like soup, so I just have the bread. There is always different bread, for the small is S10 for the big is S20. There is different types of bread sold at the L@ Soupers. Like nan bread, rotie and slices of white bread. All home made of course.

But this is just one of the many food stores/stalls at quiddage.

Like, The Fizzders. Can you guess what they sell? Well you got it because the fizzders sell the one and only sherbet. But not just any sherbet; its the best sherbet you have ever tasted in like 100,000,000 years!!! Well OK not that many but you get the point.

Fizzders is like the most fast selling quiddage business of all time. They are sold out in like the first 20 minutes of quiddage.

There are not just food stores there are also many other activity shops like; SLING SHOT! Its like the best shop in the whole world!

But the time is up so you'll just have to wait to next time

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  1. This is really awesome writing Kate!
    It's awesome how you talked about L@ Soupers lots!!
    I think that you could have a few more similes.
    But GREAT job anyway!